Saturday, August 6, 2011

...that it's time to get down to business.

Well, well. Here we all are, at the beginning of August. And no matter where you live, this time of year is known for one thing.

Yes, people. It's time that kids like me go back to school.

It's impossible to avoid. The signs of it are everywhere- the commercials on TV, the supplies in stores everywhere, the schedules and letters arriving in the mail, the doomed looks on the faces of ninety percent of the kids you encounter, and the overjoyed looks on the parents faces that their kids have a safe place to go from eight to three.

Well, this blog is for all involved in school at all- the students, the teachers, the parents, and anyone else.

Now that we're going back to school, we have the perfect place to spread the love of Jesus!

Ha, ha. Big stereotype- I'm aware.

My youth pastor has said repeatedly that every summer, youth pastors just like him all over America dread the school year, because that's when they have students sit down and say, "I did something very bad this summer. I fell in with some bad people, and we were bored, and so we decided to..." You get the picture.

Well, these are the very people who need us the most- the ones who feel trapped by the bad choice they made. Even if they were Christian before their great mistake, we still need to support them and show them the love that we all need.

I know it gets hard. It's so easy to judge the people who make these choices, and it's even easier to write them off as bad people. It's second nature to us, because we feel like we would never do anything like that. But let's not forget that's our human nature- to mess up. So we can't treat them badly. We have to love them like Jesus loved us, in spite of our sins.

I know this is probably all stuff that you've heard before, but that just means it's important. And it IS. It's so important to love them. Because don't forget- one day, that could be us.

So get out there and get your love on, people.

(And please don't judge ME for that last line. I know it was cheesy. Sorry.)

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